Please note: These topics are only a starting point, and other topics and ideas are welcome.

A. Foundational evaluation skills and capabilities
B. New tools; approaches and ways of thinking for a transforming context
C. Advanced evaluation topics

Category A: 
Foundational evaluation skills and capabilities

Basic concepts of evaluation  
Program logic or program theory
Building a monitoring and evaluation framework
Qualitative enquiry methods for evaluation
Quantitative methods for evaluation
Conducting surveys
Interviews and focus groups
Rubrics and scales 
Evaluation ethics
Commissioning an evaluation
Conducting a culturally safe evaluation
Improving the link between evaluation and policy
Data visualisation
Crafting an evaluation report
Ethics and evaluation
Using and communicating evaluation findings
Building organisational capacity for evaluation

Category B:
New approaches and ways of thinking

Developmental evaluation/principles focused evaluation
Evaluation methods for NGOs (or other specific stakeholder groups)
Systems thinking and evaluation
Technology and evaluation
Big data/artificial intelligence and evaluation
Conducting inclusive and/or empowering evaluations
Conducting evaluations in emergent or complex settings
Integrating design thinking and evaluation
Collaborative approaches or frameworks for evaluation

Category C: 
Advanced topics

Mixed methods and their use in evaluation
Economic approaches in evaluation
Realist Evaluation
Impact evaluation
Contribution analysis and other ways of understanding contribution